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Esteban Messuti: Procurement Professional

Esteban Messuti is an experienced professional who has specialized in Sourcing for nearly twenty years.

Esteban works for Sanofi as VP Procurement, Global Marketing and Sales Services. In this role, Esteban is focused on building the global mission of the Marketing and Sales Services Domain, working to create, implement and enhance category strategies to address stakeholder needs, while establishing effective relationships, in country/regional procurement teams.

During his career, Esteban has met the various challenges of cross-functional leadership and he has a track record of innovation and flawless execution within complex and changing environments.

Esteban is at once a leader and a team player; he is passionate not only about putting his best foot forward, but developing his staff to do the same. Along the way he has worked alongside great people who have enabled him to achieve his professional goals, regardless of corporate culture.

Esteban has mirrored his family’s international heritage by seeking out opportunities beyond his home country, and has used his cross-cultural knowledge as a real differentiator in his work.

“As a natural leader Esteban knows how to get the most out of his team. He is a very capable, sharp and result oriented person whose knowledge and expertise on the sourcing area are a real asset.”
A Colleague

Career History

Esteban’s career began with a sales internship at Delphi in Brazil. Unbeknownst to him, this internship would jumpstart his career: he received a proposal to join Delphi’s South American Corporate Purchasing team. He quickly learned about automotive practices and procurement, tied to a unique economical moment in Brazil that required strong negotiation skills to ensure supply. During this time, he learned the “big three” manual of Global Sourcing and, most importantly, the dynamics of working in a global organization.

This experience served him well in his next role as a Purchasing Group Leader for ThyssenKrupp Automotive. In addition to getting a leadership position with the multinational conglomerate, he underwent extensive training and mentorship to prepare him to take over Steel purchases (representing 70% of total purchases) for the whole group. In parallel, Esteban had the chance to take initiative on a global scale by developing alternative steel sources around the world.

Always striving to challenge himself in new ways, Esteban stepped down from ThyssenKrupp after five years in order to enter a different industry and category. He took on a complex challenge from Nokia Brazil to build a new Marketing Sourcing team for Latin America, expanding the entire Indirect Sourcing footprint. Over the next seven years he worked his way up to increasingly responsibilities, all while handling the unique challenges of making the organization a reality on a wider scale. In 2011, he was offered the opportunity to deploy sourcing support for the technology group in Sunnyvale, CA, which gave him additional experience in the US business and broader exposure to technology.

Prior joining Unilever he worked as Senior Purchasing Manager for Tesla Motors, a new organization led by a fantastic mind and with potential of significant growth. At Tesla Motors, Esteban was in charge for Indirects and Raw Materials group. His time at Tesla was brief but impactful; in less than 6 months, he contributed to develop a new Aluminum supply strategy for Auto body (a record in terms of automotive industry). During his time at Tesla, he had the privilege to meet and interact with the premier entrepreneur of this time, Elon Musk, the CEO who actively manages Tesla. Esteban also developed the Indirect Procurement footprint, aiming to move organization from a transactional to a sourcing role.

In 2013 Esteban Messuti was offered an exciting opportunity to change his job life once again, and he moved to New Jersey to join Unilever.

As head of Indirect Procurement for the Americas region, Esteban has worked as an integral figure in Unilever’s business presence — enabling the company’s activities and maintaining cooperation with stakeholders. And more important, he had a chance to build a passionate and dynamic team, not afraid of challenging status quo and very confident to act differently.

Esteban is a Mechanical Engineer (Maua-Brazil) with a Masters in International Trade (USP/ Brazil, Grenoble/ France). He resides in New Jersey with his wife and their two children. Esteban is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

This blog is dedicated to Esteban Messuti’s general business and leadership insights.

This site is dedicated to Esteban Messuti’s business insights.

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