Relationships are everywhere. Social interactions are unavoidable unless you live in complete isolation. Human nature is a driving force of relationships. Here’s how you can ensure healthy habits in the ebb and flow of your daily routine both inside and outside of your career.


In every culture, respect is a humbling word. Some cultures highly respect elders. For example, in Greek culture, old age is considered honorable and is celebrated by people. Elders are looked up to for knowledge which is passed down to generations.

Respect in any relationship goes beyond kindness, whether that’s with a friend, a significant other, or even a co-worker. Creating a mutual sense of respect consists of compromises, resolving conflicts and admitting when you are wrong. Respect is required for a healthy relationship to allow it to grow stronger.


In any relationship, trust is earned and built. It creates a solid foundation to maintaining a healthy relationship. Trust eliminates doubt or turmoil in a relationship. The ability to communicate openly and rely on your loved ones will frame mutual confidence in one another. When it comes to your career, trusting co-workers isn’t about telling them personal details of your life, but instead you should aim to trust your co-workers as you do work together on a daily basis.

Trust measures deeply inside emotions and can easily be broken. To avoid a lack of trust in your relationships, you’ll want healthy interactions. Sometimes building trust is as simple as being there to pick someone up when they fall down, or being there when they need you.

Quality Time

To be in any relationship, one must be present. The saying “Your home is where your heart is” ever relates to where you are. Your heart and your mind have to be in the relationship. Spending quality time is a way to gain presence in both friendships and romantic relationships. Actively taking the time to see how your co-workers are doing, or inviting them out to lunch are great ways to gain quality time through conversations or outings.

If you struggle with spending quality time with someone, there are a few ways to improve that. Go for a walk together, grab a meal or find an activity you both enjoy. By doing so, you’ll put less stress on the relationship and bond in a memorable experience together.

Active Listening

Can a relationship be healthy without communication? The answer is no. Communication builds a relationship up to health levels for both parties. Active listening is a way for two people to not only listen to each other, but understand what one another is saying.

You definitely want to be on the same page in any relationship you are putting effort into. Whether that’s your friend, co-worker, or significant other, a prime way to keep any relationship healthy is through active listening.


By human nature, people make mistakes. Holding a grudge can cause damage to a relationship until eventually the relationship ceases to exist. Remaining in the past will only hinder a relationship from growing in the future.

Perhaps you think certain actions are unforgivable. In a way, forgiveness is not accepting or pardoning what a person has done, however it’s acknowledging the reality of the situation and moving forward. Humans are flawed beings. Forgiveness is a mature act towards a healthier relationship.  

Understanding Their Love Language

There are 5 main love languages; Words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch. Every person ranks differently for each one. For example, someone who has a primary love language of words of affirmation thrives in situations to which their given compliments and encouragement. Finding someone’s love language is a great way to improve your relationship with them when adjusting your acts and notions accordingly.

Human connections are how we form relationships, how we thrive, and how we live a happier life together on this planet. If you’re looking to build or improve a relationship with someone in your life, you might need to take a step back and see which areas of the relationship you can improve. You can do this in both your career and your personal life. It may take hard work and effort from both parties, however for a lasting, healthy relationship it will all be worth your while.