What does it mean to live a “green” lifestyle? Now, green living isn’t actually a color of glasses you put on to see the world differently. In fact, its making small changes to your lifestyle that will have big impacts on your world and the environment around you. Here’s how:


Eat & Shop Locally

Support your local economy! Whether you have heard of them or not, there are most likely small businesses in your local area. Perhaps it’s a farmer’s shop with locally grown goods or family-owned business in your town. Supporting these local businesses helps provide income in your economy which allows for stability and even growth.

In addition to supporting the economy, eating and shopping local also reduces a product’s carbon footprint. The less a product travels, the less gas it uses in transportation which takes a heavy toll on our environment.


Reduce Your Waste

There are plenty of ways to reduce your waste in your daily routine. For starters, switch your coffee mugs and water bottles from plastic to reusable. Did you know you can take a reusable mug to a coffee shop and they will use it instead of plastic? Yes, even at Starbucks! You can also easily fill your water bottle with tap water rather than constantly using plastics. Even though they’re recyclable, they still produce waste.

Another way you can go reusable is by taking reusable bags on your grocery trips. Many stores sell reusable bags for cheap prices and this way you have no plastic bag waste with every trip.


Conserve Water

Did you know that you can conserve water in many ways? Reducing wasted water has great environmental impacts but only requires a few small daily changes in your lifestyle.

For starters, you can turn the water off when soaping up your hair and body in the shower. Then turn the water back on. During the two-five minutes of scrubbing, you’re not wasting water. Another trick is turning off the water when you brush your teeth. Rather than leave the tap water running as you scrub those pearly whites, turn the water off until you’re ready to rinse.

Conserving water goes beyond just showering and brushing your teeth. There are small ways you can make big impacts!


Reduce Energy Consumption

As a society, we consume a lot more energy than required. Being mindful of this in your daily routine will help you reduce how much you personally consume. Simple factors such as turning off lights when you’re not in the room, unplugging electronics when you’re not using them, and even carpooling to work with a nearby co-worker can reduce our consumption!

From reducing your carbon footprint to producing a little less waste, you can make a difference.